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6 Steps to Move Through Fear

cropped-draft-cover.jpgOur fear so often holds us back from being all that we were meant to be. We fear what tomorrow might bring, we fear rejection, we fear failure, we fear looking foolish, we fear stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something that might just impact our lives and our world in an incredible way.

We play it safe and sit on the sidelines forgetting that life is not a spectator sport. Rather than embracing each day with passion and purpose, we underestimate our strength, our ability, our resilience, our power to make a difference in the lives of others, and our power to make a difference in the world.

There is something uniquely special about each on of us, but we often hold ourselves back from the excellence that resides within. If we are to live up to our true potential and be the person that we were created to be, we must find a way to move through the fear that keeps us immobilized and stops us from building positive momentum in our lives.

Listed below are 6 steps to help you move through the fear so that you can live a more productive, passionate, and purposeful life. (Notice the phrase “move through the fear” is used instead of “fight fear.” This is intentional. You see, many people fight fear by denying fear, and when something is denied, it won’t be changed. See step one.) Continue reading

Don’t Sit on the Sidelines and Let Life Happen to You

Written by Kristin Barton Cuthriell, M.Ed., MSW, LCSW

There is a certain amount of power and control that comes with the acceptance of personal responsibility.  No longer does life just happen to you.  You become part of life, and with that, you become part of solutions.  In a sense, you are cutting the puppet strings and making things happen.  You lay to rest, all traces of a victim mentality; the mentality that did nothing, but keep you stuck and hold you down.  Waiting for others to make life better for you, is really not living at all.  You are strong and have more personal power than you will probably ever know.

If you have gotten into a pattern of thinking that you are stuck and that everything is beyond your control, it is now time to challenge those beliefs and begin to replace them with a new way of thinking.  It is time to become solution focused. It is time to let life in.

Below is an except from M. Scott Peck‘s classic book, The Road Less Traveled, regarding personal responsibility.

“We cannot solve life’s problems except by solving them.  This statement may seem idiotically tautological or self-evident, yet it is seemingly beyond the comprehension of much of the human race.  This is because we must accept responsibility for a problem before we can solve it.  We cannot solve a problem by saying “It’s not my problem.”  We cannot solve a problem by hoping that someone else will solve it for us.  I can solve a problem only when I say “This is my problem and it’s up to me to solve.”

Peck goes on to say…

 ”But many, so many, seek to avoid the pain of their problems by saying to themselves:  This problem was caused me by other people, or by social circumstances beyond my control, and therefore it is up to other people or society to solve this problem for me.  It is not really my personal problem.” 

Are you able to distinguish between what you have control to change and what is beyond your control?  What are your thoughts?

Scott, Peck, M.D., Simon and Schuster, New York: 1978

What Makes a Highly Productive Manager?

“Highly productive managers have the confidence and respect of their workers and, because of their skills in human relationships, receive greater cooperation and productivity from their workers.  Highly motivated workers have greater freedom, more respect and consideration, greater participation in decision-making, and are part of an enthusiastic and cooperative team.”        -Frank Goble, author of The Third Force: The Psychology of Abraham Maslow Continue reading