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Is Distorted Thinking Getting You Down? Let Positive Thinking Win Out Today.

From cherrypositive.com:

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Before You React, Ride the Wave of Emotion.

riding the wave of emotion

In that small space between the event and your response, remind yourself to “ride the wave of emotion.” When an upsetting even occurs, if we can just stop for a moment, identify the emotions that we are feeling, accept them without judging them, and remind ourselves that they will pass, we may find the courage to endure them for a little while. We can experience our feelings and make rational decisions all at the same time. We just need to make sure we are in wise mind before we respond.

Letting Go of Harsh Self-Judgments: The Eight Steps to Change. Step 6.

kbceightstepsstep6Remember, we usually live up to our view of ourselves. Are you uplifting or overly critical?

Over the past five weeks, we’ve made great strides in the process of releasing harsh self-judgments and adopting an attitude of self-care and self-compassion by…

  1. acknowledging that we want to change.
  2. becoming aware that we put ourselves down.
  3. catching ourselves each time we are self-critical.
  4. becoming our own nurturing self-parent.
  5. learning where the self-critical messages originated so that we can challenge them.


Today, we’ll discuss Step 6: Picturing yourself as a child. I find that this is an immensely powerful tool for invoking self-compassion. Continue reading

Want Superpowers? Smile.


This isn’t the first time I’ve touched upon the incredible happiness smiling can bring, but it’s a topic worth revisiting every day!

Today I fell upon a TED Talk posted by Louisa Jewell of Positive Matters that I’m excited to share with you. In it, Ron Gutman likens smiling to a superpower that studies have shown can confer a variety of health benefits, from reducing the effects of mild-to-moderate depression, to increasing life expectancy and lowering blood pressure. In fact, according to Gutman, “Smiling stimulates our brain reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate, a well regarded pleasure inducer, cannot match.” 

At roughly seven minutes in length, this video is the perfect lunch break (or any break!) pick-me-up.

Here’s a link to the video as presented on TED’s website with a full transcript of Gutman’s talk.

Today, make an effort to take inventory of the good that surrounds you rather than the bad. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re thankful for. If you’re still feeling down, “fake it till you make it” by smiling anyway. You might be surprised by how your mood improves!

xoxo- Kristin

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

What Your Child Needs Most From You

girl fishingWhat does your child need most from you?

What your child needs most from you is for you to not need your child.

I first heard this from my friend and colleague, Dr. Paul VanValin, a clinical psychologist.

“What?” you may ask. As I originally did.

“Of course I need my child. I love my child!”- you may say.

Our children need us to be there for them- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not the other way around. They need us- they don’t want us to need them. If we need them they live a life so consumed with our needs, that they forget that they have any of their own. And this has potential life-long consequences. Continue reading