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Hint: You AREN’T the Enemy.


Do you feel like your most sought-after personal goals are always just on the horizon, but never quite attainable? Maybe you beat yourself up each time you “fail” and say things like, ” I always do this,” or “It’s all my fault.” And even when you do get back up on the horse, you’re mentally poised to fail again…so you do.

That’s what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to break the cycle and find victory you have to recognize the true enemy– Continue reading

Forget the Shrieking Monkeys

Li Bai, a great poet from China’s Tang Dynasty, composed a very famous poem:

Sailing early from Baidi Town


“This morning, I departed the town of Baidi, engulfed by vibrant clouds.

I return to far away Jiangling within a single day.

From both banks, the steady sound of shrieking monkeys fills the air.

Our little boat has already carried me past thousands of hilltops.”

Our greatest and most valuable journeys are often the ones with the most ups and downs.

When we first get started, motivation is high and the whole world seems as though it is “engulfed by vibrant clouds.” But as we approach the middle of the journey and the initial sparkle fades, it gets tougher to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Self-critical thoughts come at us from both sides like shrieking monkeys. Don’t listen to them.

It is during this time of fear and self-doubt that we must make the biggest effort to persevere in order to experience personal growth. Before we know it, we will have reached our destination and passed “thousands of hilltops” along the way.

Have a wonderful afternoon and keep at it!- Kristin

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Small Steps Lead to Big Results


“How do you eat the elephant? One bite at a time.” 


Not long ago, I was working with a group of adolescents in an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital. Most of the kids, regardless of their problems, had goals for the future, but had no idea how to pursue them. They did not know where to start. To some of these kids, a very realistic goal such as earning a bachelor’s degree seemed as far-fetched as winning the mega millions in the lottery. Many had come from extremely abusive homes and were now living in their fifth, sixth, or seventh foster home.

Kesha, a thirteen year old girl, who had been removed from her home at the age of nine due to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, was now living in her third foster home.  This young girl did not know what stability felt like, but she did have goals. She loved animals and wanted to someday be a veterinarian. During group one day at the hospital, I asked her what she needed to do in order to become a veterinarian. “Go to vet school,” she replied. I then asked her what she needed to do to go to vet school. “Go to college,” she answered. “What do you need to do to go to college?” I continued. “Graduate from high school,” she answered without hesitation. And finally, “What do you need to do to graduate from high school?” I questioned. “I need to go to school and do my homework,” Kesha replied. “Then all you need to do right now is to go to school and do your homework,” I remarked.

By doing this, I was helping Kesha break her dream down into small manageable parts-baby steps. If Kesha wanted to be a veterinarian, she did not need to worry about anything right now other than going to school and completing her homework. This would create positive momentum in her life. This would get her snowballing in a positive direction. She was taking the first step toward her future career right now.

What are your long term goals? Will you let their magnitude overwhelm you or will you start on the road to achieving them by simply taking that first step, however small? Focus only on what you can do today and in this moment. 

I believe that you are capable of building positive momentum in your life by taking it one step at a time; do you?

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The 3 W’s to Goal Achievement

goal33Many of us are familiar with the S.M.A.R.T of goal setting. Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted goals. But are you familiar with the three W’s of goal achievement? And are you familiar with their connection to hope? Continue reading