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Radical Acceptance


Freedom (Photo credit: Josef Grunig)

Many of us spend our lives wishing for something that just isn’t. We want to change the past. We want to change another person. We get so caught up in wishing things were different, that we have no energy left to change the things that we can. When our thoughts are consumed with “why me” or “life is so unfair” we stay stuck and miss out on “what is” and “what can be.”

Marsha Linehan, founder of dialectical behavior therapy, uses radical acceptance to help herself and her clients. Radical acceptance is an acceptance that comes from deep within and is free of judgement. It is not saying that something is good or bad, it is saying it just is. When you radically accept something, you stop complaining about it and start doing something to improve your life. Linehan uses the purple room as an example. Continue reading

Life Stories

Skip’s Story

real raceSkip Wilkins was a friend of my dads.  He made a lasting impression on me, my dad, and many others around the world.  His story is one of acceptance and resiliency.  It is one of making the most out of life, regardless of your circumstances.  It is one of hope.  It is one of perseverance and determination.  Skip truly was an inspiration.

In high school, Skip was a football player and a track and field star.  His senior year, he received over twenty recruitment letters from college football coaches.  His future looked bright.

He would not go on to play college ball.  Three days after his high school graduation, he injured his spinal cord in a waterskiing accident, leaving him permanently paralyzed from the waist down.  He was left with some mobility in his arms and little control over his hands. Continue reading